Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unlimited GPRS plans from TATA DOCOMO

The packages are for its prepaid subscribers tagged as Rs 15 GPRS pack and Rs 95 GPRS pack.

TATA DOCOMO packs of Rs 15 come with 3 days validity and enables user to get unlimited access whereas Rs 95 pack come with 30 days of validity and enables user to use and access data download for 30 days. This pack can also be used on PC and laptop. While on roaming, on both the packs the user will be charged 10paisa for 10KB.
To start using internet on phone the user need to save the settings as default settings. (By default the user is purveyed for TATA DOCOMO Internet and DIVE IN at the time of purchase of the connection if the user has a GPRS compatible handset.) To get Internet settings SMS “INTERNET” to 52270 (toll free on TATA DOCOMO HOME & CHARGED Rs.3 at non DOCOMO Network) and save them as default settings. Once the user has done that, just go to the internet browser on the phone and start surfing.

The speed may be a bit slow. TATA DOCOMO assures between 28kbps to 48 kbps speed and that should be enough to do with checking emails, searching, tweeting etc.

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