Friday, August 1, 2008

WindowsXP tweak to Add and Remove Destinations for the “Send To” Option

The right-click context menu does have one useful option, Send To, which allows you to send the file to any one of a list of programs or locations-for example, to a drive, program, or folder.

It would be nice to edit that list, adding new locations and programs and taking away existing ones that you never use. How locations and programs show up on the menu appears to be somewhat of a mystery, but, in fact, it’s easy to hack. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\SendTo, where [user] is your user name. The folder will be filled with shortcuts to all the locations you find on your Send To context menu. To remove an item from the Send To menu, delete the shortcut from the folder. To add an item to the menu, add a shortcut to the folder by highlighting the folder, choosing File ? New ? Shortcut, and following the instructions for creating a shortcut. The new setting will take effect immediately; you don’t have to exit Windows Explorer for it to go into effect.

Free Voip Calls with EvaPhone

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